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Are you a sensitive person struggling with anxiety and shame? If so, it is essential to understand how your sensitivity impacts your anxiety. This free e-book contains key insights and practical information to help you make sense of your inner experience so you can get the support you need and the relief you seek. To receive your copy, just enter your name and email below.

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Hi, I’m Emily Agnew.

I struggled for years and stepped into countless potholes on the road to a sustainable sensitive life. I’ve written this e-book with the hope it will make your journey to relief both quicker and smoother than mine was.

There’s no magic bullet to cure sensitive anxiety. But once you understand its causes and origins, you’ll see more clearly what sends you into the anxiety spiral and what can help you pull out of it.

In this e-book I’ve included invaluable insights I’ve gained in a lifetime of overcoming anxiety and 17 years working with clients. You’ll learn about—

  • 5 key facts that will change the way you see yourself and your sensitivity
  • 4 common anxiety-relief strategies and why they may have failed to bring you lasting relief
  • The key shift that will help you transform anxiety to joy and energy

I  sincerely hope it will be useful to you.


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