How to trust yourself to
create a life that works for you

Self-doubt and self-criticism are the sensitive person’s bane.

You are wired to pause and consider before taking action, and if the first sound you hear in that pause is a critical voice, you can get completely paralyzed. The good news is that you are also wonderfully receptive to the voice of your spiritual intuition—if you know how to listen for it. Read more below about how to tap your spiritual intuition to create a joyful, sustainably sensitive life—a life that truly works for you.  

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morning meditation

6 reasons I never miss my morning meditation

I rely on my morning meditation to set me up for the day. For HSPs, a spiritual discipline like meditation is essential. I’ll never forget the first time I meditated. I’d been living in Rochester for a year or so,...

The hidden pitfall of meticulous HSP self-care

I've written a lot here about HSP self care. And yes, to thrive, we need our sleep. We need a sturdy personal infrastructure. And we need exercise, healthy food, ample time to recharge, and safe, effective ways to do our deep processing. But...

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Discover a whole new level of support 

Have you tried short-term support or “do-it-yourself” programs, yet failed to find the relief you seek? Whether the ground has opened beneath your feet or you are being asked to fly to new heights, a sustained one-to-one program can give you the support you have been missing. The Inner Listening Intensive helps you strengthen your inner relationship so you can build the life you want on the solid ground of your spiritual intuition.

This photo, taken in the opulent Mysore Palace in India, captures the two key aspects of the Inner Listening Intensive: spaciousness and multiple layers of safety, created by—

  • Your commitment to the program—a powerful form of loving action for yourself
  • Your vision for yourself, which we explore in detail as we begin the program
  • 24 weekly 1:1 sessions to provide sustained deep support
  • Weekly reflective writing exchanges to create powerful continuity between sessions
  • Special written materials to help you grasp new concepts and integrate the experiences you have in your sessions

Do you need to heal core shame and anxiety, develop a kinder relationship towards yourself and your sensitivity, or create a sustainable life in the midst of big changes? The Inner Listening Intensive allows you to relax into the process, knowing you have compassionate, comprehensive support.

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