Are you creative, sensitive—
and anxious?

Take heart: you aren’t alone. I work with sensitive, creative people who’ve tried to get relief from anxiety, only to watch in despair as it returned.

If you’ve experienced this painful cycle, you’ll know the pull to do something, anything, to escape the pain. And it’s hard not to numb out by resorting to your favorite addictions when you feel:

Raw inside from harsh self-criticism, self-doubt, anxiety, and shame

Overwhelmed, feeling as if life is coming at you too fast  

Exhausted, vulnerable to worried thoughts, and paralyzed by decisions— especially when your choices might upset someone else


Hi, I’m Emily Agnew.

I’m a Focusing and Inner Bonding teacher, mentor, professional musician, writer…and a highly sensitive person.

For years, I woke up every morning feeling crushing anxiety. How is it possible that I now wake up energized and eager to start the day, instead of exhausted and overwhelmed?  What gave me the quiet self-confidence I now feel, when I used to savagely criticize myself and collapse in the face of others’ judgment? And how can my experience help you find the relief you seek? I address these questions and much more in my twice-monthly Sustainably Sensitive newsletter and in my free e-book, Why am I so sensitive? (Is something wrong with me?)

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I was scared of being alone, of being rejected, of failing—scared something was wrong with me. Emily opened my eyes to an entirely new and beautiful way of “treating” my anxiety. Now I know how to connect to my spiritual intuition and actually experience creativity, love and happiness.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Sustainably Sensitive approach

Think of the individual tiles used to create a mosaic: when you stand too close, all you see is bits of colored glass. 

But as you step back and sense the mosaic as a whole, a stunning work of art emerges. When you are anxious, your inner world can feel like a chaotic jumble. But I can teach you how to hold all the intensity and complexity you are feeling in a more spacious way that allows you to shift from anxiety and overwhelm to the clarity of inner knowing.  And along the way, you will naturally and effortlessly reconnect to the “YES!” of your best creative energy.