Services – Individual sessions and programs

1:1 sessions

Are you struggling with anxiety and overwhelm? Compassionate, skilled support plus the right information about your sensitivity can make all the difference. In 1:1 sessions I help you develop a new relationship with your inner world, reconnect to your spiritual intuition, and rediscover your best “YES!” energy.

Inner Listening Intensive

When you face major life challenges and changes, finding the right kind of sustained, personalized support can make all the difference. The Inner Listening Intensive is a powerful 6-month 1:1 program designed to help you transform your inner relationship and establish new habits of self-care. With a 1:1 session, a reflective writing exchange, email contact, and special reading each week, you feel closely held and safe to do deep work.

Services – Courses

Focusing 1 for Sensitive People

Do you crave deep connection but shy away from it for fear of overwhelming others with your intense emotions—or getting overwhelmed yourself? In Focusing 1 for Sensitive People, a 6-week “live” videoconference course, you’ll discover the joy of working closely with a small group of sensitive people as you learn Focusing partnership skills…and you’ll create supportive relationships you can rely on for years to come.

Focusing 2 for Sensitive People

Ready to go deeper as a Focuser and Focusing companion? In Focusing 2 for Sensitive People, you’ll build on the skills and awareness you learned in Focusing 1. As your ability to stay present gets stronger, you can hold the space for intense emotions, critical thoughts, and addictive behaviors that used to overwhelm you.

Inner Bonding Buddy Course

If you love Inner Bonding but have a hard time doing it alone, this course is for you. In this intimate 4-week online class, taught “live” on Zoom videoconference, you’ll learn how to give and receive support to an Inner Bonding “buddy” so you can go deeper in the process and connect more easily to your spiritual guidance.