How to make tough decisions

Your creative, sensitive brain is hard-wired to ponder every possible outcome and implication of your decisions.

When you add emotional intensity to the mix, you have a recipe for overwhelm. Getting all your thoughts out of your mind and onto a piece of paper is a key first step towards clarity. For more insights about making tough decisions, read more below.

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How to get yourself out of HSP decision paralysis

Sensitive people (HSPs) are deep thinkers. We take in more information from our environment than non-HSPs, and we meditate and ponder on it, both consciously and unconsciously. This HSP trait is called depth of processing. With lots of information coming...

Yes, there's a time to act—even when you don't feel like it

Decision-making is a notorious challenge for sensitive people. Perhaps, having rushed yourself into poor decisions in the past, you vowed in future to take your time. But then you discovered that even an abundance of time doesn’t help if you...

The danger of overriding your HSP “pause to check” habit

Remember the old crossing-guard command, “Stop, Look, Listen”? Sensitive people have our own version of this traffic safety awareness mantra. It’s called “pause to check”, and if you are an HSP, you’ve certainly done it. In fact, “pause to check”...

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Anxious or overwhelmed? The right kind of support can make all the difference

To climb a mountain, you have to skirt boulders, clamber over fallen trees, and wade across streams. For many of us who are built sensitive, life is like that mountain: eminently worth the effort, but littered with obstacles in the form of anxiety, overwhelm, and shame. Some of the time, we can find our way around, over, or through these emotional roadblocks using the resources we have at hand: a trusted friend, a journal, or some inner work.

But what if you get caught alone on the mountain—at night? In the pitch black, moving forward could mean getting lost. Or worse, you could fall off a cliff. In the same way, intense overwhelm, anxiety, or shame can send you into survival mode. You feel emotionally alone, afraid to move for fear of falling into the pain and losing yourself in it.

It’s hard to get out of this frozen state on your own. You need support. And you need the right kind of support, from someone who knows the terrain of sensitive anxiety.  In One-to-One Sessions, Emily guides you around the obstacles of anxiety and shame, back to connection with yourself and your spiritual intuition. Then you can see your right way forward. 

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