What’s it like to work with me?

You’ve decided you need support to manage your intense emotions—in particular, your anxiety. You want relief that lasts. And you are committed to do what’s necessary to get that relief.

The next question is—“Where do I get the support I need?” The fact is, there are many practitioners out there offering help with anxiety. It’s crucial that you find someone who’s the right fit for you. So as you read on, please tune in to your inner knowing. I’ve gone into depth about my style and method so you can sense whether this work feels right to you.

What results you can expect?

Sustainably Sensitive programs are designed to help you create a new inner relationship with yourself so that—


You feel empowered by self-acceptance to create the life you want

  • The anxious perfectionism that has paralyzed you drops away. Instead, you are guided by the distinct feeling of inner rightness that flows from your spiritual intuition.
  • As you stop doubting and blaming yourself, your become resilient in the face of “failure”: when you fall over, you simply get back up and try again.
  • You experience synergy and synchronicity more and more: you happen to meet the right person, pick up the right book, or encounter an idea that provides a key next step.

Your powerful mind becomes a positive, creative force in your life

  • You find creative, effective ways to handle situations that used to daunt you. Even hard work has a quality of ease because you are connected to your best energy.
  • You are no longer at the mercy of painful thoughts and limiting beliefs, because you know how to transform them.
  • You learn how to drop under the surface to tap the vast creative resource of your implicit knowing.

You develop empathy for yourself and feel more at ease around other people

  • You feel more comfortable in your own skin, and your comfort with conflict increases. 
  • You accept that your needs are legitimate. You learn to be as attentive and kind to yourself as you are to other people.
  • You recover faster from upsets. The time and energy you used to spend being hard on yourself is freed up to spend in positive ways.

About my approach 

Emotional intensity is generally a hallmark of sensitivity, and of sensitive anxiety in particular. You need a guide who can stay with you when fear, grief, and shame come up. I’m gentle when you feel vulnerable, and I help you stay oriented when things get overwhelming or confusing.

However, you need more than just company for your intense emotions. Your sensitive strength of vision is a key energizing force to sustain you through the healing process. But it’s easy to lose connection with that energy when you are caught up in old stories and intense emotions. I hold the thread of your vision for you, through thick and thin. And even better, I teach you how to do this yourself.

In Shambhala, there’s a saying about listening people into their own wisdom. You’ve been that guide for me.

– CV,  California

Think of the individual tiles used to create a mosaic. When you stand too close, all you see is bits of colored glass. But as you step back and sense the mosaic as a whole, a stunning work of art emerges.

When you are anxious, your inner world can feel like a chaotic jumble. But I can teach you how to hold all the intensity and complexity you are feeling in a more spacious way that allows you to shift from anxiety and overwhelm to the clarity of inner knowing. And along the way, you will naturally and effortlessly reconnect to the “YES!” of your best creative energy.

How am I different?

I really get you…and accept you

Everyone needs to be heard. For a sensitive person, this need to be heard becomes acute if it is left unmet. You need a safe place to express your thoughts and emotions, even when they are intense and complex. I provide that safe place. I listen attentively to you, and I’m gifted with the ability to grasp the key aspects of your situation quickly, deeply, and thoroughly. For most clients, the simple act of being heard and understood in this way brings profound relief.

But what comes next is even more important. I bring a unique synergy of skills—Focusing, Inner Bonding®, Nonviolent Communication®, and Byron Katie’s The Work—to guide you to a place beyond analysis, judgment, or diagnosis. The result is radical acceptance. And radical acceptance, as it turns out, is a powerful container that transforms sensitive anxiety like nothing else I’ve found.

If you are like most of my clients, you’ve already got impressive self-insight. Yet you remain frustrated because your insight does not lead to change. I can help you bridge this gap. Within the container of radical acceptance, I teach you how to be with yourself in a way that that helps you heal and take action to move forward. I can do this effectively because—

I know the terrain of sensitive anxiety

Deep listening is an essential tool for healing sensitive anxiety. But once you’ve been deeply heard, you also need information about your sensitive trait. Without the clarifying frame of high sensitivity, the key causes and characteristic manifestations of your anxiety can be missed or misunderstood.

Here’s where my experience as a highly sensitive person really makes a difference. I struggled with this particular brand of sensitive anxiety for years and years, and every single bit of information, skill, and experience I share with you was gained the hard way, from sheer necessity. I kept what worked for me, and tossed what didn’t. So if you’re tackling an Everest of anxiety, I’m your Sherpa guide. I know the mountain, I know the tools, and I know the challenges climbers typically face.

I help you re-connect to your spiritual intuition

If you are built sensitive, you know what I mean by “spiritual intuition”, even if you call it by another name: I’ve never met a sensitive person who hasn’t experienced this deep sense of inner guidance or inner knowing at least once in their life. This knowing feels so grounded and secure that to be disconnected from it is nothing short of devastating. You feel like a pilot flying blind, navigating foggy weather without instruments.

If hearing and trusting your spiritual intuition is a struggle for you—or if the very idea sounds distasteful or even scary—then you need support, because the wisdom of your spiritual intuition is key to healing your sensitive anxiety. You don’t need an authority to tell you what to do: you need a guide who can shine a light in the fog, helping you recognize and trust the distinct feel of your inner truth. That’s the support I can provide.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

– Rumi

Putting it all together

Radical acceptance, sensitive expertise, and spiritual guidance all come together in the unique offerings I’ve created at Sustainably Sensitive. My goal is to support you to make changes that will last: I want you to consistently enjoy the powerful “YES!” energy that is released when you re-connect to your spiritual intuition and transform your sensitive anxiety.

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