In the last Listening Post I talked about love as a feeling” vs “love as a need.” When you see love as a need, you are empowered to meet that need for yourself or for others.

However, in love relationships and in other areas of our lives, many HSPs find it challenging to acknowledge our needs, let alone be forthright in asking others to help us get them met. We even try to make our needs disappear by ignoring or discounting them. This is a problem because unacknowledged and chronically unmet needs lead to tension, resentment, and disconnection in our relationships.

In this 20-minute video, I describe three common blocks to asking for what you need and offer personal examples of these blocks and their solutions. I hope this will empower you to ask for help getting your needs met.

But first, I’ll explain the original source of these stumbling blocks: the concept I ruefully call “the universal human mistake.”  If you are making “the universal human mistake,” as I was for many years (and still do sometimes!), this in itself may be a revelation for you:

Photo: from Pexels